Unbroken Silence

The fine line between attraction and rejection….where there is an unspoken tension, unease and yet tenderness.

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 And thereafter…

Offers a glimpse into those serendipitous times where events and sensations cohere in uplifting moments of joy and harmony


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Taniec meaning ‘to dance’! Two men and a woman show – through dancing – the different emotions depicting joy, love, relationships and freedom.

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In The Beginning, there was…

A duet of two entities. This time a dancer and the lighting. The interaction between the dancer and the lighting makes an interesting duo…..

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In The Night Garden 

A study using the lyricism of Janecek’s On An Overgrown Path and Bach’s Violin Sonata.



A woman, during the twilight of her career, looks back at her long and tumultuous life in the dance.

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“Captivating in its fluidity and elegance” – the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora

“A great opening” –

“A beautiful image” – The Stage

“The afternoon’s most rewarding event” – New York Times

“By far the best” – casting agent

“Exquisite” – audience member via Twitter