I am passionate about dance. I am passionate about movement. I believe dancing is one of our most
natural of instincts. I believe in its power to convey and to heal. I believe through dance we can reach
out and touch people.
I always like to see how far we can use the body to create movements that speak, especially in
today’s language of dance. I come from the classical background and I like using ballet vocabulary
but I constantly challenge myself and my dancers to find new ways of using the body to interpret
movement while never losing its integrity. Whether it is ballet – classical or neo-classical – or
contemporary or modern, I believe, first and foremost it is dance and it is a language and a language
of today. For me, even abstract works can be full of drama and say something. When one is onstage
and one moves, there’s already a story. I believe in the individuality of my dancers – they are people
that speak a language through their bodies. I’m also very influenced by the music I use and I find it
very exciting when the music inspires me and my dancers to create and to interpret.
I like to continually challenge people’s perception of ballet while at the same time to move and entertain them.

Raymond Chai.